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Coquito - Delicioso Puerto Rican Eggnog

So I was just put on to this drink a few years ago. For those who don't know Coquito is the Puerto Rican eggnog and it's just DELICIOUS! It was given to me by a co-worker who said his grandmother made huge batches and served them in bottles with a little red ribbon on it. I don't know if that was traditional for them or what but the damn drink is amazing and after talking to my other spanish friends this is a popular drink made around the holidays and is best when it's homemade. The good news is that it is SUPER SIMPLE to make and the ingredients are not hard to get.

Below are some ideas on how to make your very own Coquito. There are different variations using eggs and coconut rum, hey it's up to you! I'm going to give it a try this year but make it nice and easy.

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And as far as transport, you can use any type of bottle you want! Actually the more recyclable the better. I've seen the drink put in the same rum bottles used to make …
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Thanksgiving Punch

by I Heart Naptime
Don't just give your drinks a little kick, add a punch to your holiday with this super simple recipe! 
Thanksgiving Punch Ingredients:(To fit a 2-gallon drink dispenser) 2 Gallons Apple Cider, not spiced1 12.2 oz. bottle caramel syrup1 Tbsp. Pumpkin Pie SpiceCinnamon Sticks (optional)Sliced Apples (optional)
Directions: Pour all but 1/4 of the 2 gallons of Apple Cider, right into a drink dispenser Pour entire bottle of caramel syrup Stir in pumpkin spice, using a whisk. (Some of the spice may continue to float to the top) Serve chilled, room temperature, or warm. Stir occasionally to keep the flavors equally distributed. And then enjoy!!!

What? Moms like Bourbon, too!

We made and tried this cocktail recipe recently and must say it was super tasty! We did substitute the cherry for basil and maybe it's just me but it definitely made a difference! 
Alternatives – ·10 regular basil leaves ·1 1/2 ounces bourbon ·3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice ·1/2 ounce simple syrup ·1/4 ounce lemon-lime simple syrup/ soda
·Basil leaf (for glasses) I'mma tell you, these moms LOVED it!

Sex in the Driveway

Whats that now? Sex where?? That's right, in yo driveway it says!! I don't even have a driveway so you know I have to try it out! 

Ingredients Serves 1 Frozen 1 Ice Beer, Wine & Liquor 1 oz Curacao, blue 1 oz Peach schnapps 2 oz Vodka Other Sprite (about 6 ounces)

Time : 5 minutes

Halloween Themed Drinks/Shots

Building your cocktail list for your upcoming Halloween party, or just want to try some fun drinks with the girls? Here are a few cocktail and shot recipes that are sure to be as big of a hit as they are creepy!

Brain Hemorrhage This shot definitely more tasty than it looks! Using Baileys and grenadine definitely adds to the "brainy" affect, even in a small shot glass!
Ingredients/ Directions:
1/2 - 3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps
Float 1-2 Tbl. of Baileys on top
Drop 1 tsp of grenadine through the Baileys.
Theatrical magic . . . and it tastes like Peaches and Cream!

Pumpkin Punch

Make this festive Halloween cocktail throughout the fall.
This is the perfect mild cocktail to serve your guests. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with a black licorice straw or black and white peppermint stick. The bright orange color is super-festive for Halloween!
Ingredients2 cups orange juice2 cups chilled sparkling water1/2 Cup maraschino liqueur1/4 Cup limoncelloIce Black licorice or a black …

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Pumpkin Milkshake
Ingredients2 Oz Dark Rum1 Can Pumpkin Puree1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream, softened4 Cup(s) Skim Milk1 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon1/2 Teaspoon Ground NutmegWhipped Cream (Optional)DirectionsPlace the pumpkin, ice cream, milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg into a blender. Blend slowly until thickened.Serve with a dollop of whipped cream on top, if you'd like.To make this drink pregnant friendly just remove the rum from the recipe!

Pumpkin Cocktails- from Girlydrinks.comSpiced Pumpkin Pie MartiniSpiced Pumpkin Pie Ingredients
4 ounces vodkaPumpkin spice1 ounce Vanilla vodkaSpiced Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Pour all of the liquid ingredients into a shaker of ice; shake. Strain martini concoction into 2 glasses. Add …

Candy Martinis

As if they weren't sweet enough already, here are some cool candy flavored martinis to soothe even the sweetest tooth.

Bubblegum Martini

2 oz. Three Olives Bubblegum Vodka1 oz. Cask & CreamSplash of grenadine Directions

 Shake all the ingredients together with ice
 Strain into a chilled martini glass

Sweet-Tart Lollipop Martini

DeKuyper Razzmatazz Raspberry Schnapps - 1/4 shotAbsolut Citron - 1/4 shotAmaretto - 1/4 shotBacardi Limon Rum - 1/4 shotPeach Schnapps - 1/4 shotLemonade - fill
 Directions Mix all ingredients in a Collins glass over ice (if a 32 oz. glass is available double all the ingredients), mix in a shaker and serve with a cherry. Serve in a Collins Glass

Cotton Candy Martini

Raspberry flavored vodka, 2 ozChambord (Raspberry liqueur), 1 ozGrenadine, a splashChampagne, a splashPink cotton candy, a generous chunkCrushed iceSugar Directions
Chill your martini glasses, then moisten the rims. Spread the sugar onto a plate and then invert …